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May 3, 2011

Festival Genius

We've helped deploy a new film scheduling system for the Berkshire International Film Festival this year ( and it is really cool. Built by the guys at SLATED it's called…
October 21, 2010

BLP Presentation

The slides from Kevin's presentation on "Creativity Means Business in the Berkshires" given at the Clark Art Museum to the Berkshire Leadership Program on 10/21/2010 are available here.
April 17, 2010

Filmmaker Award

via Berkshire Bank is sponsoring BIFF this year and has a page where you can see the short films for this year's festival and vote for your favorite! There's…
March 4, 2010

Design Museum Boston

via Excellent NING portal to - an interesting project that has multiple facets - bringing to life a design-centric museum (virtual at this point, in terms of permanent…
January 7, 2010

Pittsfield on Film

via A juried show of contemporary photography of Pittsfield’s urban landscape. January 15 -March 6, 2010 Lichtenstein Center for the Arts. I've got a shot of the old Eagle…
December 15, 2009

We did it!

We made it! 223 backers, over $15,000 raised in 90 days! Thank You to everyone who had the faith, took the time, and believed in the project. Now I'll be…
November 3, 2009

Train think

Why are trains such good places to really get some thinking done? JK Rowling came up with Harry Potter when she was stuck on a train one day... Here is…
November 3, 2009

Face to face

In NYC for a meeting with some wonderful people who work on branding on a big level (compared to Studio Two). Great to spend time with minds that think along…
October 2, 2009

$5000 Reached!

We've reached the $5000 mark, so 33% of the project "Imagining Shakespeare" has been funded! This landmark is great news, and sets the stage for the rest of the campaign.…
September 8, 2009

Get me an invite to KickStarter!

Help me get an invite to Kickstarter (! so I can bring my book "Imagining Shakespeare" to life! (here's the link to the FAQ on invites... I’ve self-published a…
August 15, 2009

Lenox Coffee

via Just tripped across this from FB to here. Great photo album of patrons at Lenox Coffee. The best part about this is that sooner or later, clearly, everyone…
June 2, 2008


Had lunch with my friend Sol Schwartz today, author of "Drawing Music, The Tanglewood Sketchbooks" and artists-about-the-berkshires. We had a great time and talked about everything, including the revolution of…