May 10, 2016

Don’t let fear keep you from your goal

My business is helping other businesses pursue success. It's a pretty simple agreement - I work with you to develop the tools, the brand and the strategies that will help…
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August 20, 2009

Word x Word

via Third thursday in Pittsfield has a whole new dimension with wordxword festival. Thumbs up to Jim Benson, Jay P. Elling and all the other unsung heros behind this…
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August 18, 2009

Sienna Gallery – Innovative Modern Art and Craft

Sienna is a long-time client and friend of mine and Studio Two ( and as a fellow small business entrepreneur, we talk a lot about the state of the universe…
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August 15, 2009

Lenox Coffee

via Just tripped across this from FB to here. Great photo album of patrons at Lenox Coffee. The best part about this is that sooner or later, clearly, everyone…
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July 27, 2008

Last week’s photos

Here's a gallery of last week's activites in the photo department. I shot some harsh, dramatic portraits of Dennis Krausnick for his upcoming Lear Project, as well as a nice…
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July 25, 2008

Shakespeare delivers.

I called it. Othello at Shakespeare & Company is the hit of the summer in the Berkshires. Read this great review about all the current productions at Shakespeare & Co.…
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June 23, 2008

My Brother Michael Rocks.

After years of work, My brother Michael is hitting it out of the ballpark. Wavepxress, his company, has been selected as the provider of video download services for NBC for…
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