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Our goal is to be a strong and valued partner in helping you achieve your goals - for growth, stability, and impact. By focusing on the health and strength of your online ecosystem, we provide a firm foundation to pursue these goals and free you up to do what you do best.

How are you different than godaddy or rackspace?

The web industry would like to think that everyone with a website should be an expert in all aspects of having a site – domains, DNS, hosting, servers, etc. There’s no reason for this – you’re not an expert at fixing your car, right? If you’ve ever spent hours frustrated trying to get a website hosting package configured with one of the big guys you know what we mean – endless google searches, support forums and non-responsive phone trees. Being expert at all aspects of hosting and web management means that we take care of this for you – A-Z. All in one place.

But aren’t those hosting options a lot cheaper than you?

Yes and no – how much does it cost your business and reputation to have a hacked website that you can’t recover? How many months – or even years – do you want to spend not quite getting your website or ecommerce store off the ground? How many hours will you spend digging through long-lost emails and files searching for your domain registration login when your “web guy” goes missing? Our approach is to take care of the complete ecosystem of a modern web presence – so instead of working with many different vendors you work with one. In practice over many years we’ve noticed that a lot of times vendors “pass the buck” when something goes wrong – the SEO guy blames the web designer, the designer blames the coder, the coder blames the hosting provider – and the client is left in the dark. With us, we try to keep everything clear, illuminated and we take responsibility for making things work.

Our in-house IT person has me convinced it’s better and more secure that we run our own servers.

How’s that working out so far? Are you hearing “no” more than “yes” when it comes to upgrading your site, integrating new off-the-shelf technologies, and opening up access to the new marketing person you hired with web skills? The web is a fast-moving ecology – last year’s servers are this year’s doorstops. With cloud servers and scaleable technology you are always up to date. Here, the answer is “yes”.

Ok – but I don’t want to make the wrong decision – convince me…

We’ve been working with organizations on their online presence since the first days of the internet – and basically put 90% of the clients we have had the pleasure of working with over the last 20 years we still have. We are responsive, capable, and dedicated to what we do. We never stop learning and exploring on behalf of our clients and rise to the challenge, whatever it may be. We can provide ∗references on request to dozens and dozens of satisfied and even ecstatic clients.

(If you would like a list of references and contacts please contact us and let us know what sector you are in so we can get you relevant contacts.)

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