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Sectors we work with

This is not an exhaustive list of sectors or clients - rather, it's a guide to understanding the diversity of services we bring to many organizations and businesses. Click on any tile to read more about the type of work we frequently find ourselves doing for that sector.

Cultural Organizations

Long-Term Asset Management

We work with many museums and performing arts organizations. A particular challenge for this sector is high turnover rates in marketing and development positions. Each time there is a change in leadership, significant institutional history and knowledge gets lost. We provide a continuum of care and service through these transitions - maintaining key online assets, data, and access. Our participation saves the institutions significant capital over time and allows them to better pursue their mission.

Some of our clients in this area include:
Norman Rockwell Museum
Michener Art Museum
Hancock Shaker Village
Barrington Stage Company

Regional Development

Consolidated and Dynamic Services

We serve regional development organizations focused on using the web for tracking and reporting on projects and civic initiatives. In many cases our role has been to bring together disparate online assets under a single management account, streamlining administration and bureaucracy. In addition we have been able to rapidly deploy new websites and online tools for these clients in order to meet deadlines and reporting requirements.

Clients in the sector include
NorthWest Hills Council of Governments (NWCT)
Berkshire County Regional Housing Authority
Susatainable Berkshires - Berkshire Regional Planning Commission
1Berkshire/ Berkshire Creative / Berkshire Visitor's Bureau

Social Cause

Technical Support and Integration

We have a particular affinity for organizations in this space. Frequently lightly-staffed, these orgs nevertheless attract significant audiences to their causes and require robust services. We actively support and monitor their sites and systems and are a strategic partner in their evolution as we assist in selecting, integrating and deploying ecommerce solutions, subscription tools, and data analytics.

Clients in the sector include
Sophie's Voice Foundation
The Women's Fund of Miami-Dade
National Youth Recovery Foundation

Architects and Builders

Optimizing and Updating

Our work with Architects, Interior Designers and Commercial Construction Companies begins with developing or re-developing websites that are up-to-date aesthetically and technically. Following on to that step we continuously manage their SEO and analytics, working to keep them visible and competitive in the important online search arena. A big part of our responsibility is taking care of site stability, security and optimization over the long term.

Some of our clients in this area include:
Pamela Sandler, Architect
William Caligari Interiors
Neil Hauck, Architect
JPT Design Associates
Critical Path Construciton
Gesualdi Construction

Specialty Food Makers

Strategic Consulting

The specialty food and beverage market is dynamic and competitive. We work with our clients as consulting partners to to bring them tools for conversion tracking and optimization and manage the breadth of their online ecosystem.

Clients in the sector include
Barrington Coffee Roasting Company
Bola Granola
Berkshire Mountain Distillers
Chocolate Springs


Analytics and Marketing

Our work in the manufacturing sector includes ecommerce, SEO/SEM, web hosting and long-term data management. For clients in the B2B space we consult on the integration of lead sourcing tools and analytics reporting.

Clients in the sector include
Onyx Specialty Paper
Luis and Clark Carbon-Fiber Instruments
Starbase Plastics Molding Technology
Frost Technical Concepts
McTeigue and McClelland Jewelers
Campo de Fiori

Restaurants and Catering

Updates, Hosting, Headache Relief

People who work in the food service industry are always busy. Our job is to eliminate their website headaches. We manage many sites in this sector and work with the owners to keep everything up to date, refresh content, deploy new brands, and consolidate their web assets in one account.

Some of our clients in this area include:
Haven Café Bakery
Cena Channelside
Catering By Design
Prana Bar
Bistro Zinc


Stability and Visibility

Our hospitality customers include some of the top-rated small hotels in the world. Our work within this sector is focused on keeping client sites updated so they work with the latest mobile technology; managing and reporting on analytics and the opportunities presented by the data, and optimizing their marketing spend on referral networks and marketing partnerships.

Clients in the sector include
Stonover Farm

Consulting Organizations

360° Ecosystem Management

We work with a number of consulting organizations that service a wide variety of non-profit and for-profit areas. For these clients we manage the entire ecosystem of their online presence, including hosting, technology integration, analytics and analysis, SEO/SEM, social media and more.

Clients in the sector:
Provided on request

Travel and Aviation

Stability and Position

For clients in this industry we often work to first consolidate their online assets and then to actively deploy optimization strategies that help them rise to the top.

Some of our clients in this area include:
Epic Jet
Lyon Aviation


Commerce and Integration

Our work with retail clients spans the spectrum from fully-featured ecommerce systems to integration of 3rd party sites and software. We provide ongoing support and routine upgrades to keep them competitive in their markets.

Clients in the sector include
Chocolate Springs
Guido's Fresh Market
Eastman's Corner Farm
Arcadian Shop
Campo de Fiori
Sienna Gallery
Casa-B Group

Festivals and Events

Calendars and Ticketing

Events are driven by dates - we have extensive experience working with online calendaring and ticketing systems and are constantly working with a variety of vendors on improving the integration and performance of these systems.

Clients in the sector:
Berkshire International Film Festival
Hubbard Hall
Hancock Shaker Village
Barrington Stage Company

Technology Companies

Web Standards, Rapid Deployment

Tech companies are often driven by entrepreneurs who try to take on too much. We've helped numerous organizations get half-built web projects launched, consolidated hosting and assets, provided analytics integration and reporting, and built solutions for product launches and presentations in short timeframes.

Some of our clients in this area include:
Universal Secure Registry
Promis Neurosciences


Content Management and Upgrades

We work with a variety of Pharmaceutical research companies. The hallmark of these organizations is timely content management, accurate compliance, and 360° service. Our work with these organizations brings visibility to investors, researchers, government agencies and patients every day.

Clients in the sector include
Promis Neurosciences
Akashi Therapeutics
Charley's Fund
Halo Therapeutics


Evolving Functionality

Educational organizations have to meet a challenging and developing set of needs online. We work schools and institutions to integrate robust solutions to challenges for enrollment, marketing, outreach and community. In our work with all our clients we always look for the best, readily-available solution on the market and avoid custom programming or proprietary systems wherever possible, saving them money and obsolescence over the long term.

Clients in the sector:
College Internship Program (CIP)
Cornell University - Department of Music
Berkshire Country Day School
100 Acre School
Barrington Stage Company
Berkshire Museum
Hancock Shaker Village
Hubbard Hall

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