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Community to the Project

Image for "As You Like It"61 BACKERS
$4,350 PLEDGED OF $15,000 GOAL
82 days to go.
The numbers tell a good story, but so much better is the names behind
it. When I started out on this project, I didn’t really know if it
would work. Now I do. It’s an great feeling to have everyone come out
and support my project, which is, after all, a little selfish – “Help
me publish my book!” When I was first struggling with my business a
decade and a half ago, I often wondered if the Berkshires had enough
“going on” to support me and my family. Now, I sometimes wonder, will
there be enough time to get it all done every day! This is a great
community and it’s been my privilege to spend a rich part of my career
making it more beautiful, more mysterious, and more intriguing.
Working with Shakespeare & Company, Berkshire Theatre Festival,
Barrington Stage Co., and other great Creative Economy institutions
over the year has yielded many diverse and challenging opportunities
to delve into the heart of imagery, language, and expression. Every
time I get the call to re-imagine a Shakespeare play into a poster is
a good day. Thanks to my community for supporting me in doing my work,
and supporting my business, Studio Two, in doing all the work we do
together. What’s next? Let’s go find out. Kudos to Catherine
Taylor-Williams (pictured in a concept image for “As You Like It”) for
bringing some amazing Wharton to the stage this summer at the Mount
with XINGU (

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  • Lusi says:

    Вообщем я сегодня поудаляла все спам сообщения. Надоело. К тому же блог популярным стал. Я вот только чего не пойму. Ну не лень ли людям- спамям спамят а тольку то все равно же удалят? Или это вовсе и не люди а роботы?