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I’ve been thinking about our “USP” – “Unique Selling Proposition” – that thing that we do at Studio Two that consistently sets us apart from our competition. This is it: We Get it Done Beautifully.

Why does this matter to you, dear reader? Here’s why – we all live by references – good “word-of-mouth” – and our reputation is built on the value of those references to others. Think about it – if I let you know about a great contractor I’ve worked with and you hire them to build your house and it works out great then you are likely to view my referrals in a good light.

We are constantly living our client’s brands – we shop at Arcadian and Casablanca, we drink coffee from Barrington Coffee Roasting Co., we list our houses with Lance Vermeuelen, we run in the BrockTrot – because we believe in these brands, love their products, and admire the people who run these organizations.

I believe that one of the things we do differently in our work is that we deliver – we launch that new website, we meet the deadline for mailing the invitation, we accomplish what we agreed to. As I work with new clients I find often times that this is not the norm for service providers like us. We’ve inherited many projects that were 50% done and had no hope of being finished – and we finished them.

Getting it done is good, but it really isn’t enough. Getting it done beautifully is what we strive for – we want to exceed the simple deadline and do something memorable, effective, elegant, beautiful.

If we’ve managed to do that for you – delivered in a way that meets and exceeds your expectations, time after time, would you consider leaving a comment or sending us an email about your experience working with Studio Two? We’d like to hear from you. And if you happen to encounter a colleague out in the world lamenting a missed deadline or a sub-standard product, will you let them know about us? We’d really appreciate it.

BTW – the photo of the tomatoes is from a recent deadline-driven restaurant branding for Cena in Tampa, FL.

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