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Uncategorized Help kickstart designer’s Shakespeare & Co. book

December 11, 2009

Help kickstart designer’s Shakespeare & Co. book


Lenox-based designer Kevin Sprague is using the Kickstarter web site to raise money to publish a book on his work for Shakespeare & Company. Sprague is creative director for the Studio Two marketing and branding agency; Shakespeare & Co. has been a client since 1994. Sprague’s Kickstarter page explains: I’ve created an exciting new book called “Imagining Shakespeare” that shows a comprehensive look at all of the award-winning photography, design, advertising and illustration work that I have done for Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Mass for the last 15 years.

It is 284 pages, 8.5×11 softcover, with luscious full color throughout. I need $15,000 to print and ship a couple of thousand copies and make them available. I’d like to offer anyone who want to help me reach my goal to pre-buy a book for $25 and if we can sell 600 copies, I can get the printing turned around and the books into hands. The design is all done, the file is ready to print, and the printer is waiting. I believe that Kickstarter is the interesting, innovative and great way to bring this to fruition, so won’t you help me by ordering a copy, or two, or three!10yrPhotobook.KS5141

In a later email exchange, Sprague said a little more about his work:

The book is a comprehensive look into my 15 years as agency of record for Shakespeare & Company, a period of time wherein I have worked as marketer, graphic designer, photographer and artist. My work for the company has allowed me to delve deeply into the rich material of William Shakespeare and it’s been an extraordinary creative opportunity and challenge. The opportunity to think about the ways to illustrate the works of Shakespeare, sometimes multiple times over, is fertile creative ground. I’ve illustrated Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and some of the other plays 2-3 times over the years, and I have always enjoyed watching my own understanding of the plays and the creative results evolve over time.

I think that for anyone working in illustrating, marketing or imagining theatre and dramatic imagery the book has a lot of solid thinking in it and it would be a nice resource on the shelf.

I asked Sprague for a couple of samples of his work, and he sent along the images from the book that you see here. His fundraising deadline is the end of the day Monday. At the moment (10:11 a.m. Friday) he has 209 backers who’ve ponied up $13,560 of the $15,000 he needs. I think it would be fun if HubArts helped push him over the top – be sure to mention us if you donate!


Hey, nce article on today by Joel Brown helping with the book project! Only 4 days left to support the project, will you be the one to put me over the top? Thanks! – Kevin

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