Design Museum Boston

By March 4, 2010 No Comments

Excellent NING portal to designingamuseum.org – an interesting project that has multiple facets – bringing to life a design-centric museum (virtual at this point, in terms of permanent location) but also the idea of a crowd-sourced “create a new museum from scratch” project. I’m still working through the deep website (for those who don’t know, .ning is a social-networking platform that can be used by individuals and organizations to create stand-alone social networks around particular topics or interests. Check it out at ning.com )

Hey Berkshire Creatives – take a look – we can work with these folks AND we can look at this idea as well in terms of some of the stalled ideas and projects that we have had. Also, wicked cool embedded document solution using issuu.com that I just discovered and am totally stoked on! Stay tuned!

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