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Branding the Best

By January 7, 2010July 29th, 2017No Comments

We’re in the midst of a branding cycle with favorite long-time client Barrington Coffee Roasting Company (BCRC). This cycle was prompted mostly by a desire on their part to freshen things up, review and renew their identity. It’s been a great time. We’ve had a couple of sessions with Gregg, Barth and Cristina at the studio and the Roastery (highly caffeinated, of course) and decisions have been made and the process is revealing the product right on time. A new website for BCRC is in the works as well, as part of the overall strategy of bringing them into web 2.0 land (join them on facebook).

What’s great about this work is that the client believes in the process and is a willing and able participant in brainstorming, wordplay, research and discussion. Organizations of every scale need to be able to sit down and discuss their core values, their vision and the impact that those things have on their identity from time to time. There should be no sacred cows in the process – everything needs to be on the table.

Most interesting in this cycle has been the way that the owners and employees of BCRC really wear their values on their sleeve, and how those values interact with their product and business behavior.

So what’s the result of all this? Stay tuned. We are entering the expression phase of the process. New ads, new website, new media. All on the way, guided by their core vision: “Small batch roasted, in the Berkshires.”

Stay tuned.

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