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I’ve spent most of the day today doing what I usually do – emailing with clients and potential clients, talking on the phone with clients and potential clients,, visiting with clients and potential clients,. In the course of the the last 5 hours I’ve sent 35 emails, responded to a half-dozen texts and IM’s, made a dozen phone calls and talked to two clients in person. One call with a potential new client lasted for about an hour as we worked through her many questions, thoughts and ideas about working together. I helped a few clients login to their websites and make changes, answered questions about social media posting and online advertising, negotiated a discount on a critical site update, color-corrected and posted 30 product photos – while talking on the phone (thanks to Apple for the earbuds!). I’ve kept my books, worried about account receivables, sent out statements, and followed up with emailing missing invoices… Oh, and busted out the watercolors to work on some logo concepts…

A normal day in the office.

Yes, I’m a designer, a photographer, a filmmaker, an artist – but most of all I’m a resource. When people ask me what I do at Studio Two I tell them that I help my clients grow and thrive. How I do that varies – every day – and sometimes the most valuable thing I do is act as a sounding board and expert brain trust for my clients. Their dreams, ambitions, ideas, investments and goals are mine – I work best when I know what really is at stake and where we are all going together.

Try me – give me a call and tell me about where you want to go. I bet I can help you get there.


(P.S. – Studio Two is more than me – it’s “us” – but I started writing this in the first person so it was easier to stick to it that way! “We” do these things for our clients together.)