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Tag It! – How to tag people and pages on Facebook

By April 29, 2011July 29th, 2017No Comments

Wondering What a Tag is?

Facebook is always finding new ways to connect people, businesses, and events. One of those ways is a feature called ‘tagging’ which allows you to identify and reference people, pages, and events in your updates. When you tag something in your status a hyperlink to that page or profile is created allowing your friends to easily click through to view it for themselves.

How and Where to Tag

Tagging can take place in your personal status updates, your businesses’ fanpage status updates, or even in a comment. To tag someone you use the “@” symbol and then start typing the name of the person, page, or event you want to tag. You will then be presented with a drop down menu of options that match, select the correct one and you are done! In order for something to appear in your drop down menu you must first be friends with that person, like the page, or have RSVP-ed that you are attending the event you wish to tag. Once you post your update or comment a notification will be sent to the person you tagged. It will also appear on their wall letting their friends and fans know they have been tagged in your update.

Benefits of Tagging

Whenever you tag a person, page, or event a notice is posted on their wall for all of their fans and friends to see. This is a great way to spread the news about upcoming collaborations with other businesses, special events, or even a new employee. This gives you the ability to connect with more people and businesses than ever before so next time you are updating your status give the new game of tag a try!

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