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new england wine cellars rebranding

By January 6, 2010July 29th, 2017No Comments

New England Wine Cellars

New England Wine Cellars is known for its gorgeous, state of the art, custom wine cellars for a very high end audience. They came to us with a outdated logo, uninspiring marketing materials and a brand that did not correctly reflect the end product. We began the rebranding exercise by making their mark clean and modern, setting a rich color palette and developing a theme that “Great wines possess many of the same qualities as the grand cellars in which they are kept.”

That message became a springboard for creating a new, lush marketing brochure which features photos of the cellars along with imagery familiar to the wine connoisseur, extensively utilizes the new palette as well as a step and repeat pattern of the new mark. The brand experience to date also includes new identity materials, a stamp made with the new mark to “brand” the wood paneling in a cellar, a smaller brochure used for trade show distribution and a website that is in the works.

We believe that this new brand will hold up over time because of the accuracy of all the elements involved.

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