Kevin Sprague

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Kevin Sprague is the Owner and Creative Director of Studio Two. Kevin works with clients  to create compelling methods of communicating, defining, and expressing their core values and products. His work is driven by a passion for creating opportunities and expansion through his deep interest in beautiful imagery, transparent language, and fundamental design. Kevin’s portfolio encompasses internet culture, photographic expression and systems, digital media production, artistic direction and institutional creative process development.

Kevin explores the freedom of  digital media and the way that it transforms and liberates communication. His extensive experience in the ways that images “do work” for his clients manifests in systematic approaches to the creation, expression, management and deployment of these assets. His perception of the world has been shaped through extensive travel, strong relationships,  and a pursuit of the authentic and individual experience of the natural world. An abiding curiosity about the deep science behind natural systems and the intricate beauty of evolution in action are among his primary interests – informing his work with fundamental questions and values.

Logical, well considered architecture is at the root of Kevin’s process-driven development when developing brand systems, internet strategies, and communications plans. Informing this architecture is the creative spark – the element of intuition, experience and skill developed over a lifetime of creative output. Kevin draws no boundaries between his personal, commercial and artistic spaces – they each inform the other seamlessly. An outgoing advocate of creative process development, Kevin believes that any individual or organization can learn, develop and master the skill of bringing creativity to bear on the task at hand in effective, measurable ways.

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