Carl Sprague Designs High End Set for Miu Miu in Shanghai

By November 18, 2011 July 29th, 2017 No Comments

You will find the name Carl Sprague, brother of Studio Two’s creative director Kevin Sprague, in the pages of this months Wallpaper Magazine along with his set design for the avant-garde fashion label Miu Miu. Carl, who is known for his production design and art direction in The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdon, The Social Network, and Mona Lisa Smile, talks about his first meeting with Miuccia Prada and his design around the 1940s inspired collection.

The set brought a classic, old-Hollywood nightclub to life in the Park Hyatt hotel in Shanghai that span across 5 floors, each floor hosting a different entertainment venue. The hotel occupies the top 14 floors of a 101-story tower and presented a unique opportunity for Carl to create a truly spectacular set. You can see more of his designs and read more about the entire experience in the full article here. You can also learn more about Carl and his vision by visiting CarlSprague.com.

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