Branding for Artists

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I gave a talk in mid December 2009 about Branding for Artists and Reaching Target Markets as part of the “Tricks of the Trade” series that MCLA runs and which Berkshire Creative has been a part of the last year or two. We had a nice turn out of 25-30 with the crowd evenly split between working artists and other people from the business side who were interested to hear. One of the best parts of the evening was going around the room before the talk and taking aminute to have everyone introduce themselves and mention what had brought them there. As a speaker, it was nice to really know what your audience was looking forward to hearing about.

I split the talk up between a general presentation on how I approach “branding” – that is, helping organizations define their values, vision and identity and expressing that definition across media, and a focus on the particular opportunities, issues and challenges that artists face in this space. There was a lively follow up Q+A session. People were really interested in the role that web 2.0, social networking and the evolution of the web is having in their lives and businesses.

Here’s the video of my presentation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYjfGs0Ue8U

And a link to the slides (hard to see them on the video clearly) is here: http://kevinsprague.com/keynote/Branding%20tricks%20of%20the%20trade.html

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