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This photo of Ben Webster with his new sign outside his facility in Sheffield MA came to us the other day. We couldn’t be more excited to see this very visible expression of confidence and certainty in this new business name and brand. Ben hired us back in April with a pressing need to both rename and re-imagine his business identity – on a very short timeline.

After some years working as a partnership, Ben Webster and Tom Ingersoll – formerly Webster-Ingersoll Landscaping – decided to go their separate ways. One aspect of this change was the very necessary and legal need to alter the business name. Ben took this opportunity to bring everyone in his organization into the room to imagine what would be a good and true expression of the new business to take out into the market. We really enjoyed leading these sessions with his passionate and devoted staff – hearing about their ideas, hopes, and inspirations – their shared values as stewards of the land – and it was a privilege to bring our systematic and organized approach to bear on the challenge at hand.

What we do as a business is fundamentally creative and subjective – one can ponder endlessly the possible variations or choices – what we have developed over years and years of working with clients in this critical area is what we call flow – the convergence of experience, intuition, and discipline in our craft. We take on a challenge that for our clients is often daunting, baffling, even mystifying – and we bring decision, focus and resolution to it. Its a great pleasure to see the weight visibly lift off of their shoulders as we go through the process – a sense of relief and excitement at the same time when they see that their is a solution to their problem, and that it looks great.

Working with Webster, we were happy to meet their challenge, make their deadlines, and give them a bold, honest and solid brand – much like Ben Webster himself as you can see in this picture. We know that from this foundation their business will thrive into the future.

Thanks Ben!

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