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Work Portfolio

Norman Rockwell Museum

Located in Stockbridge, MA, the Norman Rockwell Museum is a dynamic institution that not only preserves and interprets the works of Norman Rockwell for a worldwide audience through travelling and permanent exhibitions, but also plans to become the curatorial and research center of the history of American Illustration. Studio Two was hired for a 12 month consultancy focused on transforming the institution’s relationship to the internet.

The museum was stuck in a legacy of outdated protocols, systems and perspectives. As a result, this otherwise active organization found itself unable to engage the wider world through the internet effectively. It was not simply a challenge of technology but of institutional culture and fluency. Our task was to change this culture and create a new one that was capable and equipped to engage with the broader world.

Primary to our solution was introducing and advocating a new belief system:
• Create simple, user-focused and
accessible systems.
• Free up access to technical advice, education and support.
• Create a culture of expression.
• Allow for mistakes and exploration.
• Make internet fluency a core value of the organization.
We worked closely with every department over a year-long period, educating, training, and implementing. Primarily we crafted systems that allowed people in the museum the ability to make decisions, create change, and take control. Visit the website at